Diagnostic Tools

Diagnostic instruments that nurture greater self-awareness

Yellow Edge has been successfully partnering and collaborating with a range of entities, clients and partners for more than ten years. We use world-class thinking, personality, strengths and capability-based tools in our day-to-day work.

*All tools will be debriefed by one of our accredited executive coaches

HBDI, Herrmann Brain Dominance Index, HDMI, whole brain thinking

herrmann brain dominance index (HBDI)

HBDI or the Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument is a self-diagnostic tool that uses a whole-brain thinking approach to identify an individual’s preferred approach to emotional, analytical, structural and strategic thinking. It is a great device for increasing self-awareness and awareness of others.

strengths profile realise2 diagnostic tools

strengths profile

R2 Strengths Profiler is the leading online strengths identification tool used to unlock the potential of individuals, teams and organisations around the world - and provides users with a comprehensive profile.

60 strengths are assessed according to the three dimensions of Energy, Performance and Use – with each user receiving their unique, personalised Profile, revealing their realised strengths, learned behaviours, weaknesses and unrealised strengths.

Full Circle Feedback 360 Report

full circle 360 degree feedback

360 Degree Feedback assists individuals in recognising their strengths and identifying opportunities for improvement in the way they perform at work. 

It is not always easy to access honest feedback in the workplace.  The 360 Degree Feedback survey process is online and a confidential, structured way to help you receive feedback about your work performance from others around you, such as your manager, direct reports, peers and internal and external stakeholders.

Genos Emotional Intelligence Tool

Genos Emotional intelligence scale

The Genos Emotional Intelligence Scale™ and its associated development reports provide the most sophisticated and comprehensive assessment of workplace emotional intelligence (EI) currently available. Using a multi-rater assessment, similar to a 360 degree feedback process, the Genos EI Scale is designed to provide significant insight into an individual’s existing level of demonstrated positive Emotional Intelligent behaviours at work.

The Genos EI scale can be carried out as a 360 degree feedback process as well which provides a powerful multi perspective view of one’s practice of leadership.

Workplace Wellbeing Inventory

Workplace wellbeing inventory

The Workplace Wellbeing Inventory is a diagnostic tool that evaluates the wellbeing of your people and workplace by measuring your employee' responses across 5 key areas that drive wellbeing: Purpose, Mind, Body, Connection, and Financial.

Waggl crowdsourcing tool Yellow Edge

Waggl Crowdsourcing tool

Waggle is an innovative and world leading crowdsourcing tool designed for leaders to keep track on the issues and things that matter.

We use Waggl to engage with participants before they attend program to drive up interest. Through the Waggl system, we pose a question that is designed to generate discussion and reflection. Participants consider the question, respond and can vote on the most significant responses from their peers. Waggl then produces a report on the most significant issues that matter to participants, which we then use in our programs.


70-20 continued learning tool

70-20 - Learning made productive

This collaborative tool assists participants and their cohort to stay accountable for their learnings and commitment to action following workshops and programs.

Participants are able to respond and collaborate on challenges set for the group or create personal goals. Challenges and goals have have the option of being checked by managers or trainers.