Antoniette gomez

As the Deputy CEO at YE, Antoniette is YE’s Head Coach and NLP Master Practitioner, leading a large team of Executive Coaches across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.  Antoniette brings twenty years’ experience in senior management roles and over 750 hours of professional coaching experience to her position at YE. Antoniette’s engaging style complements her expertise and credentials as a professional coach and facilitator. Antoniette has built herself a reputation as a provider of exceptional coaching, program development and facilitation services. Her hands on experience in the management of large work flows, large staff numbers and multi-million dollar contracts has enabled her to relate well to managers and executives across all sectors.

Many of Antoniette’s coaching clients have invited her to work with their staff and teams in both individual and group scenarios on a variety of subject matters including behaviour management, communication, performance management, conflict resolution, and customer service.

Antoniette has developed training programs for local and federal government clients that have involved high levels of consultation and tailoring of content to meet individual learning requirements. Her insights are built around foundation adult learning principles combined with hands on practical management principles and process.

Areas of Expertise

  • Over 750 hours of professional coaching experience
  • Specialises in communication and behaviour strategies for managers and teams
  • Designing and delivering learning and development programs for senior leaders and managers
  • Understands APS environment and culture-exposure to a broad range of federal and state agencies
  • Cross sectoral experience working with community, private and public sector clients
  • Expertise in emotional intelligence, motivation and resilience
  • Cross-cultural and diversity skills
  • In excess of 25 years working in Executive Leadership roles
  • Excellent presentation, communication and influencing skills for senior leaders and executives
  • Research and consultation skills
  • Bid manager and writing skills