trish Favretto-dicer

Trish is an experienced and highly regarded executive leadership coach, career coach, strategist and facilitator.  She has almost 20 years’ experience in providing corporate learning, strategic organisational/performance development and change consultancy services.  Her work centres on supporting people and integrating human potential and capabilities toward a common vision.  She has worked with a range of high profile companies and the federal, state and local government sectors across Australia, SE Asia and most recently the UK – helping to shape, drive, review and challenge the culture, strategic direction of organisations.

Trish’s work centres on the principles of positive psychology and signature character strengths; appreciative inquiry; emotional intelligence; the slow movement; authentic and adaptive leadership; self-awareness and mindfulness;  a connection to heart intelligence; and the Yogic traditions of contemplation, wellbeing, appreciation & kindness.  Her focus with clients is on self-awareness, identifying potential, uncovering passions, adapting and integrating individual and organisational needs with an approach that is holistic, dynamic and results focused.

Areas of Expertise

  • Over 2000 hours of professional one-on-one and group coaching experience in public and private sectors
  • Organisational cultural development and strategy- change development initiatives
  • Leadership Development
  • Career Development
  • High level Facilitation
  • Professional Learning and Development:  In-house organisational performance,  learning, development and capability needs analysis, program design and delivery – experience Australia wide and in SE Asia
  • Expertise in positive psychology, emotional intelligence, motivation, resilience & returning back to work
  • Understanding of APS environment and culture - exposure to broad range of agencies
  • Areas of facilitation, training and consulting – Leadership, strategic planning, organisational & individual performance, team building & development, negotiation & influencing skills, communication, preferred behaviour styles, customer service, presentation skills, team building, life balance & well-being, time management
  • Cross-cultural and diversity