Louisa Scagliotti

Louisa is a highly experienced career and leadership coach who can integrate career goals into work and life. With over 10,000 hours of coaching in a range of APS agencies, Louisa has worked with many clients at a senior level and focuses on individual & group coaching, facilitation and training. A strong speciality is career coaching and career positioning for the senior levels in the Public service.


 Areas of Expertise

  • Extensive SES career progression coaching experience
  • Substantial experience in coaching, facilitation, consulting & training across the public and private sectors
  • A particular skill in coaching people as they transit into higher levels
  • A successful track record in Leadership Coaching particularly in achieving the next leadership level – performance appraisal; 360 degree; people management
  • Training excellence in career and related issues – all levels
  • Personal experience at senior management level in the public and private sectors
  • Provide Career Transition coaching for 70 APEC staff of the Dept of Prime Minister & Cabinet