Kirsten Peterson

Kirsten is an experienced performance psychologist, organisational coach, and group process facilitator who helps people discover effective and pragmatic strategies for optimising performance and living life more fully.

Kirsten developed her passion for helping athletes, coaches, and teams reach their performance potential after a short-lived USA college softball career as a pitcher who lost the ability to throw strikes. After a 22-year sport psychology career working in elite sport, through both the U.S. Olympic Committee and the Australian Institute of Sport, she has integrated my expertise and experience in performance psychology, mindfulness, and neuroscience to help people who are aspiring or struggling reach their potential -- in sport, in business, and in life.

Areas of Expertise

  • Performance Psychology - Be your best when it counts.  Kirsten understands what it takes to perform—over and over again—in high pressure, high stakes environments.  She helps to unlock optimal and sustainable performance, wholehearted involvement and increased enjoyment in sport and performance domains.

  • Helping Female Performers Thrive - Building Strength and Skills to Empower and Succeed. Research into gender differences, the world of work, and experience working with female performers has informed Kirsten’s approach.  Rather than necessarily defaulting to a "male model," she seeks to understand and validate female clients on their own terms and works with their unique strengths while also sharing state-of-art skills for navigating complex or biased work environments. 

  • Team Building and Event Facilitation - Better than the sum of our parts.  Kirsten has worked with high performance sport teams in elite sport and know what it takes for a group to become a team.  For performers of all stripes, Kirsten has delivered hundreds of educational workshops and presentations on fundamental aspects of performance psychology that teach and practice skills for more optimal functioning in sport, work, or life. 

  • Leadership and Management Coaching - Professional and personal success.   There is much that transfers from performance in elite sport to thriving in high stress professional and corporate environments and that the same strategies that work for high performing athletes can work for you.

  • Mental Health Awareness and Education - Cultivating Understanding, Awareness, and Support Skills.Mental health is a key yet poorly understood aspect underpinning performance.Understanding what mental health actually is, how we each experience it, its links to performance, and how we can help ourselves and others are useful tools for everyone.