abby rees

Abby Rees is a self-confessed ‘education junkie’, University Lecturer, Education and Empowerment writer, Behaviour and Change Specialist and artistic thinker. Abby's drive and personality are best captured in three words: energy; excellence; and enthusiasm.

Thriving on new challenges to design for education and change, Abby leads with a level of energy that earned her the nickname '240' (240 Volt) from her former colleagues. With notable tenacity, Abby lives and breathes her design projects, providing clients with a commitment to excellence that is unparalleled. Abby has a lively personal presence, strong interpersonal skills and uses a wide range of innovative and inventive facilitation techniques. With rich experience in facilitating diverse groups, Abby has delivered a range of corporate training and developed education and communication tools to meet individual needs for Government, Private, Industry, Community and Education sectors. Abby is a freelance academic writer and has work published in several educational journals and newspapers.

Areas of Expertise

  • Approaching 20 years experience within the education and behaviour change sector
  • Systemic and cultural behaviour change at individual and organisational level
  • Designing communication suites to directly target audiences leading to measureable behaviour change within Government and Industry bodies, as well as wide-scale public campaigns
  • Facilitating diverse groups through contentious issues
  • Dynamic, original and engaging facilitation style
  • Exceptional expertise in Emotional Intelligence and experience developing and delivering EI programs to various Federal Government Departments
  • Expertise assisting individuals and teams thrive through workplace changes, particularly MoG changes
  • Leading Change Management
  • Outstanding written and oral presentation communication skills, including Government website content management
  • Meta-Coaching – Meta coaches have a deep understanding of how people ‘work’ and are experts in the process of facilitating deep and profound change in how people run their own brain and develop more resourceful ways of being. Meta-Coaching combines a number of fields of expertise including Neuro-Semantics (how we create meaning), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (how language affects out physiology and neurology) and utilises a range of self-actualisation, communication, and change models.


Abby is fantastic. One of the best presenters I have come across and I would be keen to do more courses she ran just because she makes them so interesting.

Best presenter ever! Very interesting and informative! Thank you! :)

Abby is great at combining theory and behavioural knowledge. Examples and experiences were great aids.

— Excerpts from participtant evaluations