wellbeing in the workplace

Optimising Employee Performance.

W-School workplace wellbeing
W-School, workplace wellbeing


W-School is a 7-module interactive wellbeing program run over 2 consecutive days that assist in optimising talent and driving performance. Each of the modules are designed to give participants the platform to reflect on and explore results across all areas of life, challenge current thinking as required, celebrate success, incorporate new strategies and plan for the future.

workplace wellbeing inventory

Workplace wellbeing inventory

The Workplace Wellbeing Inventory is a diagnostic tool that evaluates the wellbeing of your people and workplace by measuring your employee' responses across 5 key areas that drive wellbeing: Purpose, Mind, Body, Connection, and Financial.

building resilience training program

building resilience

Resilience has long been recognised as one of the most critical contributors to effective workplace performance. This program is designed to help staff to undertake their work while maintaining strong emotional resilience. It increases their self-awareness and ability to identify what they need personally to maintain wellbeing.