Learn how to communicate effectively. Learn how to get your voice heard.

Coaching skills for leaders and managers

coaching skills for leaders and managers

This 2-day course is based in the highly effective Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques. This course will train its participants in communicating with power and integrity, motivation and control, negotiation and influence.

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9 & 10 April 2018

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner Training NLP

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner training

This intensive seven day training provides an in depth introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), it will enable you to gain a comprehensive understanding of communication, and of modelling excellence in order to achieve outstanding results on both a personal and professional level.

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Days 1-4: 26th - 29th March 2018
Days 5-7: 11th - 13th April 2018

Presentation Skills Course Yellow Edge

Presentation Skills

This one day experiential course is underpinned by effective public speaking and engagement principles. The program will assist you with:

  • Increased confidence in public speaking to a range of audiences;
  • An understanding of how to tailor presentations for different audiences; and
  • Strategies and skills to manage your environment, various forums and groups effectively
Rising to the Occasion Communication course yellow edge

Rising to the occasion

Bringing Broadway to the boardroom, this program takes the voice production, physical presentation, and self-management techniques employed by actors and other live performers, and cherry picks the best, making them accessible to busy professionals who want to excel in their chosen careers.

Customer service skills, front of house staff training

Customer Service Skills

This course will empower your client-facing staff with an understanding of the techniques and strategies involved in identifying and responding to customer needs. They'll learn about what makes a positive customer experience, identifying and responding to customer needs, managing difficult customer interactions/feedback and more.

HBDI The Business of thinking, program TBOT

TBOT - The business of thinking

The Business of Thinking is a multi-module program which begins with a foundation course Whole Brain Thinking before moving on to application modules such as Communication, Design, Creative Thinking, Presenting, Selling and Writing before a consolidation session. The Business of Thinking helps people:

  • be more productive through effective thinking
  • think outside the box with a strategic focus
  • practically apply principles
  • communicate better

Getting communications a seat at the table

Based on the ground breaking global research from WPP’s Government and Public Sector Practice and Yellow Edge’s expertise in contemporary public sector leadership, this one day course brings you the essentials for gearing the communication function effectively and empowering communication professionals to lead from the front.

Executive Coaching with Yellow Edge

Executive coaching

We offer leading edge, outcome-focused executive coaching for enhanced performance. Our coaching programs are tailored to meet the personal needs of the individual.

We believe in the value of coaching as a powerful management technique and offer individual and group coaching or workshop-based programs to skill managers and executives in the practice of workplace coaching in the APS and corporate environments.