coaching and mentoring

We are one of Australia’s largest providers of executive coaching services to the public sector in and frequently coach in the private and not for profit sectors as well. We offer just in time, one-off meetings or multi-session packages, as well as coaching programs covering specific areas of focus like high performance and leadership mastery.

  With coaches operating in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Darwin and via phone/video conferencing, we have you covered.

executive coaching

Executive coaching

We offer leading edge, outcome-focused executive coaching for enhanced performance. Our coaching programs are tailored to meet the personal needs of the individual.

We believe in the value of coaching as a powerful management technique and offer individual and group coaching or workshop-based programs to skill managers and executives in the practice of workplace coaching in the APS and corporate environments.

career coaching positioning applications cv selection criteria

career coaching

Our executive coaches will meet with you one-on-one to discuss your career development. Each coach offers an tailored approach to such topics as: identifying career goals and strategies, review of CV and selection criteria, interview practice, work-life balance, presentation and representational skills, life-stage and career transition support.

We help executives and managers to think about and plan for their careers actively and assertively. We help develop compelling CVs and selection criteria and prepare executives confidently for convincing interviews. We also help executives gain traction quickly within the first 90 days in their new role.

leadership mastery coaching with trusted advisors

leadership mastery coaching with trusted advisors

The Leadership Mastery Program is an organic, individualised and qualitative coaching program that enables senior leaders to master and fine tune their leadership skills, through informed observation and objective feedback.


Workplace mediation services

Workplace mediation is a process in which conflicts between disputing parties are identified, options are developed, alternatives considered, and ultimately endeavour to reach an agreement or resolution.

We offer mediation services using a sole mediator for all parties or a unique co-mediation service tapping into the value of two mediators (one male/one female) for the issue at hand. Talk to us today about the best solution for you.

transverse mentoring program

transverse mentoring program

This is a program aimed at supporting intergenerational exchange and diversity within your workplace. Participants are both mentors and mentees, with the exchange of knowledge and skills across the generations.

We support you in the development of an in internal mentoring program, structured around workshops of your choosing to enhance learning.

Transverse mentoring provides a forum to be able to share across generations, sharing information, skills and experience to each other. While also breaking down silos and hierachry throughout sectors.