Our Global Leadership Practices (GLP) Programmes are designed to expose Australian executives to what is going on behind the scenes in China, Singapore, the usa and India.

These countries are each and all vitally important to Australia’s long term economic well-being. We learn how decisions are made, get familiar with the political economy, the socio-economic and public policy and the innovation context of each of these countries. As well, we meet and engage with influential business executives and senior public service officials. We come away with a richer, more balanced perspective and privileged insight into how these countries work.




Our GLPs also test and challenge our assumptions of leadership. Leadership is constructed and practiced in these countries in ways that are very different to Australia. The contrast experienced enables deep reflection on what it means to be an Australian leader in a global world, how Australian leadership is conceived and practiced and the choices that can be made to enhance our effectiveness in our own leadership roles.

Join the many forward-looking Australian leaders from the public, private and community sectors who have come on our GLPs and experience its transformative impact.






This program is conducted by Yellow Edge in partnership with the e-Government Leadership Centre, part of the Institute of Systems Science at the National University of Singapore. In interactive discussions with Singaporean experts and leaders and field visits to enterprises and public service agencies, the program will cover Singapore’s future digital landscape, it’s smart nation plan, how the Singapore government digitally engages with it citizens and industries and how the Singapore civil service and private enterprises are transforming digitally.






Our India program is conducted in partnership with the Wellingkar Institute, one of India’s top 10 private business schools.





Our China program is conducted in partnership with the prestigious China Executive Leadership Academy, Pudong (CELAP) in Shanghai. A premier institution of the Communist Party of China (CPC), CELAP provides unrivalled access to the thinking and policy directions of the CPC.



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Our USA program is conducted at historic Georgetown University, Washington, DC in partnership with the University’s Centre for Australian, New Zealand and Pacific Studies.