I have well over 35 years working experience in management and leadership roles in large public and private sector organisations.

Since 2008 I have worked as an executive coach with executives, managers and team leaders. I have accumulated over 1,200+ hours of logged individual and group coaching of both public and private sector clients. My coaching philosophy is to be a guide on a journey of transition and professional and personal growth. My style is based on a stories and metaphor with action focused outputs from which to derive the desired change outcome.

I build my coaching approach around feedback using 360-degree tools; analysis of the feedback including why it is important and what does it mean; co-creation of the goals necessary to guide the transition; creating the tension that will motivate to achieve; and actions that benefit the individual and the organisation in which they work.

Prior to becoming a coach, I consulted to several large organisations on management and HR matters. While on the assignments, I emphasised and applied a coaching approach to help develop managers and leaders. Meaning in my work is being part of a journey that builds successful leaders and teams.

Areas of Expertise

  • Executive and leadership coaching

  • Leadership development programs design, development and delivery

  • Supporting teams and leaders to transition through change

  • Management consultancy, organisation review and design