claudine chichEportiche

Fourteen times Australian Karate Champion, Claudine is a mindset and high performance lead who specializes in winning. A highly motivational yet practical and outcome driven facilitator, Claudine shares her personal toolkit and her proven strategies to bring out the best in any individual or team, taking them to the next level and beyond.

Areas of Expertise

  • Mindset
  • Motivation
  • Maximising human potential
  • Self-awareness and Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership
  • Teambuilding
  • Winning


Personal development, helping others to maximize their potential, elite sports and business performers, surfing and training


  • 14 times Australian Karate and Martial Arts Champion
  • 4th degree karate black belt
  • First white woman to ever visit the remote village, Gurena, Isabel Province, Solomon Islands, whilst running a Young Woman’s Leadership Program, funded by AUSAid, Department of Women


What I got out of the day was learning about Whole Brain Thinking. In particular, you made me think more about others and where they would fit into the framework and then applying knowledge when delivering information. You are a natural teacher/trainer and the energy you brought to the room and course was very refreshing. Thanks so much for coming to us, I hope to attend one of your courses in future.

I was in your Emotional Intelligence training last week, and I thought you were fantastic. Your vibe, your confidence, your knowledge, your communication style, just everything was fabulous. I found you so engaging and interesting to listen to and I felt like I was given a bit of a shake-up that I needed. That we ALL need. You were inspiring, honest, non-judgemental and really open to the group – I didn’t hear all the standard corporate/executive jargon which usually gets served up on work courses. It was hands down the best course I have been to in 11 years at the organisation.

I found your whole style captivating and interesting. If you’re ever doing work in the community I’d love to know about it!

— excerpts from participant evalautions